Trading Card Collecting

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The Trading Card Hobbyist online magazine - The source for non-sports trading card news
Site for non-sport card collectors searching for current developments within the contemporary marketplace. The Hobbyist aims to complement the Internet and hard copy publications on which collectors rely for hobby information.

Vintage Non-Sports Cards Chat Board
An online forum for collectors who discuss pre-1970 card collecting.

German Cards
Everything you wanted to know about German collectable cards and more. Includes errors, variations, and changed cards.

The "Virtual Card Collection" by Dan Austin
Scans and checklists of sports card sets - includes Topps Fleer Bowman Redman Post Goudey and Hostess.

NYPL Digital Gallery | Cigarette Cards: ABCs
From the New York Public Library, nearly 600 cigarette card series (totaling thousands of individual cards) whose titles begin with the first three letters of the alphabet, from before 1900 to the mid-20th century.

Amok Times Online Newsletter
Covers all Star Trek card sets past and present, with news of upcoming releases worldwide. Features include new card finds and a comprehensive checklist guide for most Trek sets. Fan-based message board.


Cigarette Cards and Trade Cards Collectors Site
Dealer site - has some history info.

Trading Card Games

Essential Magic
Magic the Gathering decks, combos, strategy, and the best card search engine on the web!

Pokemon Elite 2000
A large Pokemon portal.

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