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American Topical Association
The largest topical stamp organization in the world - over 50 years in operation.

Stamporama: The free club for all stamp collectors
Stamporama began with 6 members in January 1996 with one idea -- trading duplicates among the members. Today Stamporama has over 675 members from 47 states, 11 Provinces and Territories of Canada and 62 other countries.

The American Philatelic Society
With nearly 44,000+ members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest, nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors.

The China Stamp Society
Dedicated to the growth, enjoyment and knowledge of Chinese Philately. Translation and identification of Chinese characters and postmarks on stamps and covers are available to members as are expertization services. Publishes the Ma Chinese Stamp Catalogues, The China Clipper magazine, and other books and handbooks on specialized subjects. Also mail auctions and a comprehensive lending library.

The Virtual Stamp Club
News and information about stamps and a very active message board - the defacto forum for the American Philatelic Society.

Captain Cook Society
Stamp collecting site dedicated to the myriad stamps produced to honor the famous explorer and discoverer of Hawaii.


National Postal Museum
The National Postal Museum celebrates the beauty and lore of stamps, showcasing rare stamps and covers from the Museum's renowned collection.

USPS - Stamp Collecting
Stamp collection pages from the United States Post Office.

Four Chaplains Stamp - The story of the original first design by Louis Schwimmer
The Four Chaplains stamp commemorates an act of bravery during World War II which stands today as a foremost example of interfaith courage and bravery in action in the United. States.

Preservation of Stamps - Philatelic Preservation
A relatively comprehensive treatment of stamp care and preservation. Includes information on philatelic paper products, the potentially damaging effects of stamp mounts and other plastic holders advertised as safe for stamps, and hard-to-find advice on the effects of temperature and humidity on stamps and what can be done to manage these threats to a collection.


Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps
Leading philatelic firm dealing in United States and Canada revenue stamps and related literature.

Stuart Katz stamps for collectors, U.S. stamps, Disney stamps, Topicals
Proofs, Errors, Essays, United States stamps, U.S. stamps, Disney stamps, and Topicals.

Collector Pages

Czeslaw Slania's Engraved Stamps and Banknotes
Resource for the engraved stamps and banknotes of the world famous engraver.

Dan's Topical Stamps
Reference site with over 3,000 stamps arranged by topic from a private collection. You can browse or search.

Stamps and Cancellations of Imperial China
A Website dedicated to the stamps and cancellations of Imperial China. With the purpose of promoting China Philately and also try to increase interest in classical Chinese stamps collecting. This site has a focus on assisting in identification and features many well documented scans of significant stamps and cancels. Also has a brief simplified history of the Chinese Post Office and a nice philatelic literature reference section.

A Selective History of Science on Stamps by Maiken Naylor, Arts & Sciences Libraries, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY. An extensive topical presentation of science and scientists on stamps broken down into sub-topics such as Astronomy and Cosmology, Instruments and Measurements, Mathematics and Computation, Chemistry, Evolution and the Fossil Record, Heredity and the Genetic Code, Electromagnetic Theory and Light, and The Atomic Bomb.

Stamps and Postal History of the German Marshall Islands
An illustrated history and catalogue by Dirk H.R. Spennemann - an in-depth treatment of the postal history and the stamps used in the Marshall Islands. Also has an innovative interactive identification guide that prompts users for features of the stamp and leads to an ID.

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