PICAXE Resources

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Official PICAXE Sites

The PICAXE Forum
A very active forum monitored by a rather extraordinary group of microcontoller gurus as well as Revolution Education technical support.

The PICAXE Website
Revolution Education's PICAXE site. The place to get data sheets, free software, and order direct from the entire line of products.

PICAXE Distributors

Large, diverse inventory from dozens of manufactures ranging from beginner kits to advanced part and controllers, to assembled professional robots. PICAXE distributor.

Sparkfun Electronics
Good source for miscellaneous electronic assemblies such as sensors and breakout boards. Very oriented on microcontroller items. Sparkfun also is in the business of small runs for PCB fabrication which they outsource. PICAXE distributor.

HVW Technologies
Calgary based PICAXE vendor with a variety of microcontroller parts and programmers as well as other electronics and robotics related wares.

PICAXE User Sites

Giant listing of PICAXE resources from around the globe - everything from basic datasheets and getting started tutorials, to components, to guidance on specific projects.

The Picaxe SerialPower Network
The Picaxe SerialPower Network combines power delivery and bi-directional communications between processes on intelligent nodes. This can be implemented using just two interchangeable wires. Simple diode-mixing networks with separate power and communication wires are supported as well. The network architecture was originally developed by Jurjen Kranenborg.

Ron Hackett's Picaxe Site
Prolific PICACE author with PICAXE Projects for the Evil Genius and numerous articles published in Nuts and Volts among his credits. Site features introduction, items for sale, projects and circuits.

DIY Laptop
One of the all time great homebrew computers. Based on a dual processor PICAXE board.

SelmaWare Solutions
Features StampPlot an application for plotting, indication, logging, and control of serial data typically from a microcontroller, though other sources may be used. Fully configurable from the controller or through PC based macro files. Excellent for PICAXE, but most any controller that can communicate to a PC's serial port may be used. Controller's that use USB and Virtual Serial Port Drivers may also be used.

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