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Some recently added links:

Electronics 2000
A neat electronics website that features tutorials, pinouts for common components. The site has a suite and a suite of online calculators, just a few of which include series/parallel calculators for both resistance and capacitance, an LED series calculator, and a Wheatstone Bridge calculator. The site includes several important software downloads. Electronics Assistant is free software that contains all of the Electronics 2000 online calculators with additional calculators and capabilities.

The Label Man - Fruit Crate Label Collecting
Large site for the collector of fruit crate labels, old advertisements, seed collection packets, cigar labels or vintage canning labels, and more. Features vintage labels for sale, as well as extensive background information, historical overviews and tips for new and experienced collectors.

Brewery Collectibles Club of America
A must have destination for all breweriana collectors. The website provides information on beer collectible history, hobby news, classified, a club store with books, pamphlets, apparel and collector supplies.

How to Get What You Want
A truly unique site for those interested in interactive art projects that synthesize textiles and electronics. Features unbiased evaluations of conductive paints, glues, and fabrics with easy to understand instructions and advice for designing you own flexible sensors - a textile mouse, a piano t-shirt, a pom pom tilt sensor, a zipper slider and a felted crochet pressure sensor are just a few of the projects you'll find here.

Radio South
Radio control system service and repair specializing in R/C Pattern Aerobatics equipment. Service on all major brands including Futaba, JR, Airtronics, and Hitec/RCD and older equipment such as Ace R/C, Kraft, and Pro-Line. Also a source for custom blended PPG Concept paint to match Monokote and Ultracote.

The Troopers NET An inspired fan-created web site dedicated to props, costumes and information about the 1998 movie Starship Troopers. Contains lots of photos and interesting background information on the creation and filming of the movie, as well as images from the webmaster's extensive collection. A must see for fans and collectors alike.

International Miniature Aerobatic Club
The International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) is an organization dedicated to competitive sport of radio controlled Scale Aerobatic competition.

Advertising Antiques
An online database of pictorial pre-war UK enamel signs and advertising. Great reference for collectors. Includes early bottles and jars, posters, signs, showcards, pharmacopia, food, tobacco, beverages and much more.

Ed Hartley's R/C Pattern Page
Comprehensive site providing resourcing for R/C pattern enthusiasts who build and fly using aircraft primarily designed for precision aerobatic maneuvering. Includes basic information, tips and tricks, product reviews and more.

The Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg Web Site
Nicely done fan site for Robert Silverberg with input from the author himself. Features a richly annotated bibliography spanning books, shorter works, collections, magazine appearances, as well as works published under pseudonyms and edited by Silverberg.

Articles on many topics including analogue and digital electronics, electronic kits, and part reviews. Probably most notable is their series of Getting Started (and Moving Forward) with Arduino tutorials. The site also links to a Google Group for discussion and features a monthly prize giveaway.

Myrobotlab is a open source Java service based framework for robotics and creative machine control. Brings together a number of cutting edge open source technologies to support machine vision, speech recognition, text to speech, motor control, servo control, GUI control and microcontroller communication. Designed to run on standard computer configurations it can be used to either control a robot directly by embedding a regular PC or via a typical microcontroller thru RF, infrared, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Giant listing of PICAXE resources from around the globe - everything from basic datasheets and getting started tutorials, to components, to guidance on specific projects.

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